Valentine's Special w/ Becca Manley

I sit down with my lovely girlfriend, Rebecca Manley. Becca and I have been dating for 4 years and have quite the ride in terms of individual growth, and growth as a couple. Like any other relationship this one depends on the effort of both of us. It requires attention, intention, listening, and above all else, loving one another in order to grow into the best possible versions of ourselves. As we continue to progress individually, our relationship continues to strengthen through the obstacles and challenges that lay in our way.

We touch on the fact that happiness is key in this crazy ride, and if you’re able to ride along with someone else as you embark on your journey, then take the leap, it may be worth it.

Becca is a hairstylist at the Urban Betty Salon in Austin, TX. To check out her amazing work go here, and here.

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Intro: “Map Change” by Every Time I Die

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