Bryan vs. Knives

In this episode, I am Joined by my good friend Knives Monroe. Knives is an indie film maker from the great state of Texas. He currently resides in Austin where he co-hosts the Owning It podcast with Dakota Meyer, as well as his own successful podcast, Knives Monroe vs. The Podcast. We sit down and discuss the chaos and madness that was 2018. We analyze some of the lows while taking a deep look into the cultural events that set the tone for what was overall a really weird year. We then bring it back with some of the highlights of 2018 including the amazing music that was released. We reveal our top 5 albums of 2018, talk about some plans and goals we are looking to accomplish, and look brightly into the future with eyes full of hope. We might even discuss Kanye West and the impending AI take over, so sit back, buckle in and get ready for 2019 baby. 

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Intro: “Map Change” by Every Time I Die

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