A Little Patience and Ego Death

In this episode, Bryan is joined by Tyler Carter, AKA Ty-C. A local Austin hip hop artist making waves in the local scene with his intense DIY ethic and relentlessness. Bryan and Tyler have worked together in the past on several projects and take the time to sit down and reminisce. Tyler is in the midst of perfecting his brand here in the local scene and is staying independent in his ethic and approach. Tyler shares heartfelt stories of perseverance, loss, and determination in the face of chaos, and acknowledges that the biggest obstacle in any individuals way, is the individual themselves. Check out Ty-c on Social Media platforms under the handle @mrtcarts  

***Special Note*** The announcement was made that I will be interviewing Austin Mayoral Candidate Travis Duncan. Stay tuned into commonchaos.net for more info and coverage of Austin’s race for Mayor 

Intro: “Map Change” by Every Time I Die

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