Short but Sweat

I come at you fast and furious in this episode. I have a half hour to kill before I go and get my ass kicked at class, so I unload the thoughts and feelings that have been brewing in my head as of late. The #chaos among many things, is a lot of work!!!! Though it is challenging, the lessons and experience is definitely helping me refine the leadership skills I am seeking at this time. The #order is discipline. I discuss discipline and how a better understanding of it has impacted certain aspects of my life. I go over a few reasons as to why discipline is important and how the smallest of steps sometimes have the biggest of impacts. Small little tweaks to a routine that can amplify certain areas of your personal and professional ventures

***Don’t forget!!! If you like politics, I will be interviewing not one, but two mayoral candidates for this years Austin elections. I will be sitting down with Travis Duncan and Alex Strenger to discuss their plans for success in the upcoming election, and how they plan on impacting the great city of Austin for the best. Keep an eye out for the episodes being released simultaneously on Oct, 18th and make sure to head to your local voting polls on election day. Your vote does count! 

Intro: “Map Change” by Every Time I Die

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