Trent's Mushroom Rant

What you are about to read is a manifestation of thought, driven by internal struggles, self realization, and psilocybin mushrooms. This is my friend Trent Knox’s thoughts on life, society, the “grand scheme”. I urge you to read this with the intent of answering the questions that our asked. Dig deep and question the statements that our made and ask yourself, if disconnecting from this reality worth it? Maybe seeing things from far off realities from completely unknown and unreal perspectives is what we need to understand all the mess and chaos we have going on here.

Let us know your thoughts. 

Everything comes to end. Our parents had the American Dream and the materialism has now become the American Nightmare. In order for all this to end men we will have to quit being driven and controlled by other men, find respect in other men based on the knowledge and resources they have. Our currency will be respect. The more respect you have the more wealthy you are, we can base this all off respect points. The more men think and question reality, the more reality answers. Answer those questions and unexplainable things happen. Women control a power that with the help of men, both women and men could be taken to new levels of understanding beyond where we are at right now. Listen, because I don't even have time to explain this. Men, when have you ever had a question in your mind that stumped you and the answer was fulfilled by continuing your daily life? Women, when have you ever had a dream that you were going to get something, and if you had a positive mindset about it, regardless of how many times you thought about it, the dream manifested in reality? Now, this is just an explanation for your right and left sides of your brain. Majority of men use the left side of the brain, which controls logic, this explains why men have so many questions. Majority of women use the right side of the brain, which controls desires, this explains why most women dream more vivid dreams then men. All though this is how it was at the beginning of time, when God was watching over us and making sure that bloodlines stayed clean and no issues arose and the land would be a utopia. Issues arose because I’m not to sure God gave us a manual on how to use our brains because we seem to be still researching them today. God never intended for this to happen, honestly I really don't know his intentions of why he did this but he did. For any atheist out there think about this, is their anybody in this world who is not governed by some other force or law? Could that force or law not be considered God? Let's talk about some known issues with society. Why are people gay? Answer: incest crisscrossed bloodlines and polarized the brain waves. Gay people are not wrong just a product of our negligence. We as a human race have issues taking care of ourselves but let's get back on track. There are two questions that everyone asks. If we have a God, did he intend for us to stay on the planet or search for the unknown? To me the first question answers the second question. Then again what do we really know about the origin of species? Also Christians, a question came up in the movie The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp. If God intended for the bible to be the word of God, why would he give it to one set of people and have them conquer the rest of the world and force that belief on them? Let's think about who Christian's real God is? Although, he is my God too he does not understand me because I truly understand him as my forefather as it should be understood. Fear and love come from the same place. My fear is logical which means I may use my fears to create things that can destroy those fears or subdue them. My love is based on desire, those things I want, I get them. This is the way everyone works regardless of the words, you choose to explain the same thing, I am just am willing to say it.

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